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Ousia album now shipping

Hello Dears, I’ve just released my new album “Ousia”. It came about in the past year 2020 that was probably extraordinary for all of us. I am happy about the diverse encouragement I have received so far for the musical results and I would be happy if it releases you

Affin Takeover 9128

Affin will be taking over 9128.live on Saturday 9th January 2021, featuring the presentation of Joachim Spieth’s upcoming album “Ousia”, exclusive live sets, label DJs and friends. We’re looking forward to this happening and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did preparing for this event!

Luna on Mysteries Of The Deep Compilation

Hello dear friends, I’m happy to announce a contribution on the next release from the New York-based label “Mysteries Of The Deep”. The compilation is named “Chapter Three” and it will be available from 18th December 2020. Release Information Mysteries of the Deep has released its third and final compilation,

Ousia Album Presale

I’m happy to present you my next album “Ousia” here today. It was created in the last few months and will be available as a vinyl album and in digital formats in January 2021.


Mammatus, a track from the co-operation 12″ with Reggy Van Oers (Noctilucent, Affin 2019) was recently licensed for Joris Voorn ” # GU43 – Rotterdam “compilation. This has now been released. Additional infos and release trailer you can find on Global Underground homepage!

Focus on Vâyu

Talking with the French artist Vâyu about his studio work, life in France and his upcoming EP on Affin


Affiliation is a new compilation showcasing my ambient works from the last 5 years.

Joachim Spieth DJ Set @ Art Bei Ton Party (5th September 2020)

It was a big pleasure for me to perform at the Art Bei Ton party last weekend alongside Dasha Rush, Paula Koski and Justine Perry somewhere in Berlin. Here’s the recorded set, hope you like it1 Thanks to Apolline and all who made it happen!

Sounds From NoWhere Podcast #117 – Joachim Spieth

Hello everybody,today my new podcast was released on “Sounds From Nowhere”. Apart from a “United We Stream” video in May, this is the only one in a long time. Have a nice summer and see you soon! Tracklist to follow soon.

Tides album now shipping

My new album Tides is finally shipping. A long time waiting ends today, couldn’t be happier about it

Focus on Blazej Malinowski

Speaking with the the Polish DJ and producer Blazej Malinowski about his plans to start his own label


A compilation highlighting the last years of my work

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