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Today i’d like to show an insight about the work of Deepbass, a DJ/liveact, producer and label host of Informa Records.


Joachim Spieth: You’re releasing your music since 2009 and your label Informa Records was started almost at the same time. All the music/projects are following a consistent path. How would you describe the idea behind Informa and what was the reason to establish it that early?


Deepbass: I have never been one to enjoy waiting around for others and as soon as I started producing I felt the need to have my own platform to give myself the freedom to make and release exactly what I felt at that moment without thinking about another labels sound or what was currently on trend. I think was a good decision for me and Informa is still at the heart of all my music.


Joachim Spieth: Your discography shows a lot of co-operation 12”s, for example with Reggy Van Oers, Ness or Nax_Acid. What can you say about the musical interaction with friends while working on music together?


Deepbass: For me there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in the studio making music with one of my good friends and when the results come out well then it would be stupid not to continue these collaborations. Working with other artists opens your mind in so many different ways and the exchange in ideas and production styles really opens you up to many new things.

Joachim Spieth: The album “Campello” has been released on Informa Records last year. Can you explain about the production process of it ?


Deepbass: The production process for Campello was very nice, I spent 1 month in Spain in an apartment with a view on the sea, each day I would work on the album without stress or distractions. I used very limited equipment, just a few machines and a couple of vsts in order to give it a distinct sound throughout. Each track was actually made in the order the final album was put out and I feel it really captured the mood of that month in paradise which was very special for me.


Joachim Spieth: You started performing live some time ago. What’s the concept/idea of it? Does it resonate with your production process after? Do you try out new tracks live when they’re in the making?


Deepbass: The idea of the live is to showcase my sound but in a more impromptu manner. For sure I think after starting the live it has effected my production process, now it is on my mind from the start how I can perform the tacks which is instinctively making them more simplistic while trying to get the most out of each individual sound. I play a mix of old, new and unreleased music sometimes the tracks are not so recognizable from the original versions and will be continue different each time I play out.


Affinity #2 is out on 12″ and digital



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