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Focus On Aleja Sanchez

  Aleja Sanchez is a Colombian DJ, producer and label owner of Northallsen Records. We were talking about her musical development, the origination process of her recent album and some other interesting topics… Remains to mention that Aleja will be part of a project on Affin in Autumn.   J:

Focus On Nørbak

  The first time i got aware of Nørbak was a track released on Circular Limited. Some months after i found a demo in my mailbox (incl. “Harra” and “Lacune”). After signing him I could see that my first impression was right. The talented Portuguese DJ & producer made some

Focus On Arnaud Le Texier

Arnaud Le Texier is a french DJ & producer, currently based in London. He’s being part of the label since some years and will return on Affin with “Shadow Bubble” in the next weeks. So i took the opportunity to talk to him about his new insights about producing music and silence in the studio….

Focus on Toki Fuko

  Toki Fuko is a producer/liveact located in Russia. His debut “Strontium” (from 2016) is still one of my favorite releases on Affin. Some weeks before the follow-up “Floating” i thought it’s on time to introduce him here …   J: From the moment of listening to your first demo

Focus On CHPTR

  CHPTR is a musical conversation between two strong characters. A dialog between friends who don’t need words to interact. The ongoing jam session was documented on 5 records so far and an album is on its way. My pleasure to chat with the guys and find out some of

Focus On Svarog

  Here’s a chat I recently had with Svarog. The Ukraine based musician will soon release his first 12″ on my label Affin (following the split 12″ with Nørbak in 2017). I thought that’s a good option to find out a bit more about his inspiration, surroundings and the way he

Focus on Dino Sabatini

  Today i share a chat with Dino Sabatini. The Italian Dj/liveact, producer and label founder of Outis Music will be part of a project coming up on Affin in 2018, so i thought that’s a good option to find out more about his work.   Joachim Spieth: I’d like

Focus on Artefacts Mastering

  When i went to the Artefacts Mastering studio and joined my first mastering session i understood how useful it is to be in touch with the person finalizing your music… read the following chat I had with Giovanni Conti (Artefacts Mastering)   Joachim Spieth: Can you us a bit

Focus on Deepbass

  Today i’d like to show an insight about the work of Deepbass, a DJ/liveact, producer and label host of Informa Records.   Joachim Spieth: You’re releasing your music since 2009 and your label Informa Records was started almost at the same time. All the music/projects are following a consistent

Focus on Markus Guentner

Photo by Franziska Holten   Markus Guentner is an ambient musician, dj and live performer based in Bavaria (Germany). Musically we got in touch through the first “Pop Ambient 2001” compilation that was released on Kompakt. A good opportunity to look back and forward in the following conversation…   Joachim Spieth:

Focus on Reggy Van Oers

    Reggy Van Oers is the artist who is releasing records on Affin since the label started in 2008. So natually, our “focus on” series had to start with a few questions for him.   Joachim Spieth: When you look back at your releases from “Sabre” to “Pristine” what do you think of

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