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Here’s a chat I recently had with Svarog. The Ukraine based musician will soon release his first 12″ on my label Affin (following the split 12″ with Nørbak in 2017). I thought that’s a good option to find out a bit more about his inspiration, surroundings and the way he works on his music.


Joachim Spieth: Your releases from the last years showing a constant stream of sound, a special mood can be perceived in all your tracks. What’s your main inspiration or point of reference according to your music?


Svarog: There are several things that I can highlight in my music lately. They are mysticism, kaleidoscopicity and futurism. The mystical atmosphere is created by the texture and the effect of reverb on the instruments. All tracks are developing step by step, like gradually, thus there is no either pronounced accent or an abrupt change in dynamics, so that’s what creates a kaleidoscopic structure in music. In fact, my aim is to move away from the old classic sound of the techno leads to the search of new sounds, instruments, structures that create some kind of futuristic mood. I can say that my music is somewhere in between techno and progressive. It has both an organic and a synthetic component.


Joachim Spieth: What’s your setup in the studio, can you explain the process of your work ?


Svarog: Actually, my setup is very simple. Midi keyboard, sequencer and monitors. Usually, I begin my work on the track with creating a small sketch, the main idea of the track. After that I stretch it all in time and create a full composition. Almost all the sounds I synthesize myself and rarely use samples.


Joachim Spieth: You live in Lviv. I read a bit about the city region online. Your artist infos says you’re inspired by mountains and architectures. Can you describe your daily life and your inspiration through your surroundings?


Svarog: Lviv looks like a typical European city with ancient architecture and many layers of different cultures that have been laying here for centuries. It has its original atmosphere, that you can’t feel in any other Ukrainian city. Also, Lviv is still called the cultural capital of Ukraine. Not far from Lviv you can find the Carpathian Mountains, where I liked to hike since my childhood and still love to do so. Changing landscapes always positively influences the flow of new ideas. I think that routine is the worst thing that can happen to the artist.



Joachim Spieth: More over, you found an event series in your hometown, right ? What’s the concept of it?


Svarog: It happened that when I stepped on my musical path in Lviv, there were no events connected to the music genre I prefer. There were various attempts by different people to start and create something, but for some reason these parties did not last long or did not have success. Therefore, my friend who is now organizing parties with me, has pushed me to create a “Textura”. The basic concept for me, probably, is still to do events that I would likely participate in, since everything started just with a big desire to play. I can say that the “Textura” is kind of a side effect of techno parties absence in Lviv. 😀


Joachim Spieth: Besides the music, what’s attracting you?


Svarog: I love sports and contemporary art. Somehow I have always been in an environment where healthy lifestyle and cultural values were appreciated. That’s why I play football, go to the gym and hike on a regular basis. Also, I am interested in fashion and enjoy visiting exhibitions of different artists.


Out soon on Affin (12″ & digital)

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