Tag: Svarog

Affin Selected 2020

A musical overview about our recent work

Affin Selected 2019

Newest label compilation of our annual series showcasing some new artists like Aleja Sanchez and Einox besides the regulars RVO and Svarog

Focus On Nørbak

Hard working producer and remarkable steps in the last years, it was on time chatting with Nørbak

An Affin weekend in Lviv

Spent a whole weekend in Lviv, got showed the cities monuments and celebrated a showcase with Svarog.

Luminophor 12″ now shipping

The Irradiance follow-up EP is out now, including a Svarog remix

Focus On Svarog

Talking with the Lviv-based DJ & producer about his upcoming debut vinyl on Affin

Affin showcase at Suicide Circus Berlin

We’re celebrating Affin’s 10th birthday at Suicide Circus in Berlin.

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