15 Years Affin 

15 years is a long time in electronic music. I associate an incredible amount of emotions, thoughts, designs, conversations, projects, contacts and travels with this time. Working for and with Affin and its associated artists as well as the countless supporters has had a huge impact on my life and the label is inseparable from my being. Shared successes, failures, visions, friendships that have been formed, others that have departed….

Now a phase begins to review what we have achieved together so far, to sort things out, to re-evaluate and to look ahead to what will follow. To mark our 15th anniversary, there will be a variety of activities throughout 2022 that are currently being prepared. Many thanks to all who have accompanied us up to this point, and to those who continue on the path with us!

The compilation series 15 illustrates a selection of musical works that Affin has released over the 15 years. It is divided into 4 sections, which mark insights into the different phases of the label on the timeline. Thank you for 15 years of support!

Joachim Spieth

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