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Tides album now shipping

My new album Tides is finally shipping. A long time waiting ends today, couldn’t be happier about it

Interview on DJ Lab

An interview with the german DJ Lab magazine. Felt amazed about their detailed knowledge about my musical past so it turned out to be an amazing chat

Affinity 3 vinyl now shipping

The third vinyl of our Affinity series with A Sacred Geometry and Aleja Sanchez premiere on Affin – now shipping

Focus on Massa

The Spanish producer ( & label owner of Hidden Traffic) appeared already on Affin’s Decennium series in 2017. And he’s coming back to contribute a track for the Affinity vinyl series. Good option for me to ask a few questions

Focus On A Sacred Geometry

I was super happy being able to include him on our upcoming Affinity 3 vinyl. A Sacred Geometry is an amazing sound designer and label owner, based in Berlin

Focus On Nørbak

Hard working producer and remarkable steps in the last years, it was on time chatting with Nørbak

Noctilucent vinyl now shipping

The first co-operation between Reggy Van Oers and me. Noctilucent vinyl is now available!

Irradiance Album repress

My album Irradiance got repressed and is available again (on white vinyl)

Never Rust rework for Marco Bailey

A new remix is out on vinyl now

Astral Plane vinyl now shipping

My new EP Astral Plane oscillates between ambient and spheric techno. It’s finally out on vinyl

Luminophor 12″ now shipping

The Irradiance follow-up EP is out now, including a Svarog remix

Etapp Kyle playing Dispersion on Boiler Room

Its not a usual activity for me to post about other DJs who played my tracks but this one is a special one as the track itself was edited in an interesting way. Etapp Kyle is hiding the broken beat of my track “Dispersion” and combines it with a 4/4

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