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Affin Selected 2020

A musical overview about our recent work


Mammatus, a track from the co-operation 12″ with Reggy Van Oers (Noctilucent, Affin 2019) was recently licensed for Joris Voorn ” # GU43 – Rotterdam “compilation. This has now been released. Additional infos and release trailer you can find on Global Underground homepage!


A compilation highlighting the last years of my work


A digital compilation summarizing the Affinity vinyl series

Affin Selected 2019

Newest label compilation of our annual series showcasing some new artists like Aleja Sanchez and Einox besides the regulars RVO and Svarog

Focus on Massa

The Spanish producer ( & label owner of Hidden Traffic) appeared already on Affin’s Decennium series in 2017. And he’s coming back to contribute a track for the Affinity vinyl series. Good option for me to ask a few questions

Noctilucent vinyl now shipping

The first co-operation between Reggy Van Oers and me. Noctilucent vinyl is now available!

Focus On CHPTR

CHPTR is a musical conversation between two strong characters. A dialog between friends who don’t need words to interact.

Affin showcase at Suicide Circus Berlin

We’re celebrating Affin’s 10th birthday at Suicide Circus in Berlin.

Affinity 2 12″ with Reggy Van Oers, Deepbass, Joachim Spieth

teaming-up with RVO and Deepbass for the 2nd Affinity vinyl EP

Focus on Reggy Van Oers

RVO is one the artists I work since more than a decade. Time for chatting about his studio skills and Pristine, his upcoming EP

Joachim Spieth – Under The City 12″

new installment on Affin with remixes from Rolando and RVO – closing a chapter

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