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10 Years Affin

Yes, now it has been a decade since i started my own label. It pretty much mirrors my state of mind, my emotions, and my personal development. Of course, it’s not just my story; numerous artists shaped the label with their music, shared thoughts and ideas…to look back now, it

Joachim Spieth – Aidan 12″

  Aidan, besides being a very detailed and well crafted dancefloor killer, started as a gloomy story in winter… It’s the story of transformations from darkness to light, from cold to warm, from schizophrenia to sanity. It’s this trip you will do next time you’ll take a plane and will

Joachim Spieth – Sensualized 12″

  German DJ / Producer Joachim Spieth returns on Affin with a superb remix ep of his successful tune – Sensual’ from the label’s 100th release. Therefore Spieth included Brendon Moeller, Reggy Van Oers & Jamal Moulay. It’s impressing to see the variety the guys put out of the original.

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