Tides CD

The album “Tides”, first released in 2020, is now available on CD. After it was quickly sold out in the vinyl first edition I decided to have a limited edition of it produced on CD. This album is the second of a series of re-releases of my albums.

“Tides” is Joachim Spieth’s second long-player which will be released on his own Affin imprint. The album is divided into 8 tracks, built by seemingly endless, sensitively interwoven surfaces and creates curves of tension between immersive, melancholic and euphoric moments. Layers of atmospheric sounds create a dense and engaging mood, flowing into a swirl of emotions.

The release is now available on CD and digital, mastered by Artefacts Mastering. (originally appeared in 2020 and now has been repressed)


written and produced by Joachim Spieth

design | markus-guentner.de
mastering | artefactsmastering.com

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