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Focus On Markus Guentner

It’s been more than 5 years now since Markus and I exchanged ideas in my interview series “Focus On”. Since then a lot has happened… In the last few years Markus has released a concept series of albums with Theia, Empire and Extropy on the US label “A Strangely Isolated

World Enough Album

The trip to the sea was already a few days ago… arriving in the city, looking for orientation, the time of seclusion henceforth gave way to a melange of voices. a polyphonic mixture, meanings faded away in the room and again created the wish to hear nothing more. back in

Ousia album

With Ousia, Joachim Spieth presents the third long player on his label Affin. The follow-up album to “Tides” creates imaginary spaces, translates ephemeral impressions and condenses them into cinematic soundscapes.

Irradiance album

Irradiance is Joachim Spieth’s first full length album, to be released on his own imprint Affin. It reflects a cycle of realignment in a carefully realized emotional journey.

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