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Onda Album

With “Onda”, Regensburg artist Markus Guentner releases his follow-up to Empire, which appeared on A Strangely Isolated Place in 2021.  “Onda” captivates with its orchestral-like progressions, an endlessly interwoven carpet of sound that spreads out over six etudes. As if in slow motion, he scans through the individual sound particles,

Focus On Markus Guentner

It’s been more than 5 years now since Markus and I exchanged ideas in my interview series “Focus On”. Since then a lot has happened… In the last few years Markus has released a concept series of albums with Theia, Empire and Extropy on the US label “A Strangely Isolated

Crystal Castle Album

To mark its tenth anniversary, the album “Crystal Castle” by Regensburg-based artist Markus Guentner is now being released for the first time as a physical recording in limited quantities.

Focus on Markus Guentner

Markus Guentner is one of the most important representatives of modern ambient music. With Crystal Castle he published a timeless piece of music on affin

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