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Joachim Spieth | Natural_Selection #19 |

“We give You an exclusive treat from Joachim Spieth – the natural born artist and captain of Affin label uncovers the same depth in his ambient work as in his powerful techno trips. This time we drift in an enchanted river, subtle waves of feelings take us through newly forming landscapes.”

Luminophor 12″ now shipping

  Almost 1 year ago I released my album “Irradiance” followed by a remix 12“ in summer 2018. “Luminophor” as follow-up is now shipping! The EP includes a remix of “Introspect” from Svarog, I hope you’ll enjoy!   “fine-particle techno, deep and hypnotic”   Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat: Affin 043 LTD Release: 30th

Focus On CHPTR

  CHPTR is a musical conversation between two strong characters. A dialog between friends who don’t need words to interact. The ongoing jam session was documented on 5 records so far and an album is on its way. My pleasure to chat with the guys and find out some of

Irradiance reworked with Polar Inertia, Dino Sabatini, CHPTR and Evigt Mörker remixes now available

  Half a year after my album “Irradiance” the remix 12″ of it just has been released on Vinyl. And it’s nice to see how Polar Inertia, Dino Sabatini, CHPTR and Evigt Mörker merged the material with their own styles.   Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat: Affin 040 LTD Release: 26th June 2018 Mastered

Orb Podcast 010: Joachim Spieth

  “Joachim Spieth has been able to navigate through the chaotic, time consuming, and the exhausting scene that is techno and continues to do so while juggling multiple tasks. He is a composer, DJ, producer, and a record label owner who is widely respected for his unadulterated sound. Spieth has

Joachim Spieth – vurt. (Official Video)

  I was full of impressions when i arrived back home from a tour in Asia last autumn. Some days after i captured the memories of the night i performed at vurt. (Hapjeong – Dong, 마포구 합정동 414-20 Seoul, Korea) in my studio. Thanks to Pano and the whole crew

MATERIA Music Radio Show 024 with Joachim Spieth

  Dear all, here’s the recording of the Materia Radio show with me from last week. It’s available on itunes and Youtube as well… hope you’ll enjoy it!  

Erratic Podcast 116 | Joachim Spieth

  “Next in the series we welcome Affin’s label boss and founder, JOACHIM SPIETH. We’ve had the chance to munch on this mix for a bit and with every listen it got deeper and deeper under the skin. We are very excited to finally be able to share it with

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