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Joachim Spieth | Natural_Selection #19 |

“We give You an exclusive treat from Joachim Spieth – the natural born artist and captain of Affin label uncovers the same depth in his ambient work as in his powerful techno trips. This time we drift in an enchanted river, subtle waves of feelings take us through newly forming landscapes.”

Decennium 1.3 12″ with Giorgio Gigli, Joachim Spieth, Deepbass & Periskop

  Decennium 1.3 vinyl copies finally arrived! I’m glad to share this 12″ with Giorgio Gigli, Deepbass and Periskop, it’s also the last physical release of our 10th anniversary series… thanks to all who supported Affin over these years!   Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat: Affin 039 LTD Release: 1st March 2018 Mastered by Gio @ Artefacts Mastering Berlin Artwork by Oliver

Irradiance album now available

  When i opened the package just delivered by the postman i felt that something finally arrived… The album project that i started to work on in winter 2016 came to its end, it’s mastered, finalized and pressed on vinyl. And yes, as my music is attached to the moods

Affinity 2 12″ with Reggy Van Oers, Deepbass, Joachim Spieth

Affinity 2 is a collaboration project from Reggy Van Oers, Deepbass and Joachim Spieth. Find 3 hypnotic deep techno cuts on this 12″. Format: Vinyl/Digital Cat: Affin 035 LTD Release: 10th April 2017 Mastered by Gio @ Artefacts Mastering Berlin Artwork by Bjoern Stolpmann 

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