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Seit mehr als zwei Dekaden steht Joachim Spieth bereits hinter dem DJ-Pult und lotet dabei die Grenzen zwischen House, Techno und Ambient aus. Von den Anfängen bei den Kölnern um Kompakt und den Voigt-Brüdern, Veröffentlichungen über Onitor und Paso bis hin zu gespielten Shows in über 30 Ländern hat der Stuttgarter schon genug erlebt, um allmählich als Szene-Urgesteine zu gelten. Noch immer aber scheint er dem Musikmachen nicht überdrüssig zu sein und sucht weiterhin nach neuen Ausdrucksformen. Im Interview sprachen wir mit ihm über seine Vergangenheit und Zukunft, Kreativität als Ventil, Labelarbeit, Ambient als Zufluchtsort und seine neue Platte ‘Tides’.

Magnetic Magazine

In the DJ’s Mind – Interview on Monument

…The german sound architect has a lot to offer: with the epic tracks of his album Irradiance, released in 2017, the hard worker marked a new era in the underground scene, pushing the hypnotic techno boundaries straight to the cosmic nebulas. As if it wasn’t enough: Irradiance Reworked, released some months after, brought the extremely talented Polar Inertia, Dino Sabatini, CHPTR and Evigt Mörker in the interstellar clouds…

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…I mostly work with Ableton Live but i have also some hardware and integrate it. But my main instrument is Ableton live as it offers so many possibilities to work on music. WIth the software i could change the way i work, because in the past i was much more straight on the arrangement while today i can jam more and record several audio tracks… and then see where this all leads to…

My studio on Attack Magazine

I like to keep control over things, which is why I decided to work on music with limited gear. All my stuff fits on a desk…

Es un productor que podríamos definir como independiente, enfocado y apasionado al momento de entrar en contacto con el abstracto mundo de la música electrónica, especialmente con los géneros del ambient y techno contemporáneo. Hemos tenido una pequeña charla antes de que Joachim emprendiera su viaje al hemisferio Oriente del planeta, para dar inicio a su tour por aquellos esotéricos y espirituales países.

Interview on Witness This

In over 15 years of producing and releasing Techno, Joachim Spieth has had to move and adapt to the constantly changing environment in the contemporary electronic music world. He has rode the bull that is the ever-changing evolvement of record distribution with both his own records and those of artists he represents through Affin. He has also seen the rise of the Internet and social media and is able to reflect on this in ways that are both positive and negative for present day and up-and-coming music producers.

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