Svarog is one of the Ukranian mythology gods, the god of metal, the forge operator, the god of fire. This is the artistic name of Oleksa Moroz, musician and dj from Lviv, Ukranie. He starts his career in 2015, releasing an Ep in the cult label Circular Limited, showcasing the best deep and profound sounds of techno, where textures and ambiances equal the power of the beat. Soon after he releases in the german label Nachstrom Schallplatten, Affin Ltd. y Black String Records as well as in Mexican label Illegal Alien, Animal farm or Pole groups’ own Aine. His sound is personal and unique, always focusing in dark but evocative textures, combining saturated timbres, industrial sound and atmospheric landscapes, even broken rhythms. Shades of ambient, mysticism, and real techno are the elements that characterize all his output. Modern and futuristic sounds, far from trendiness and simplicity, from the soul to all intelligent dancefloors out there.


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