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Today my new album Reshape is released. At the end of last year I invited some artists if they wanted to reinterpret a piece of music of mine.  Fortunately, I got all the commitments I had hoped for and can present with alva noto, ASC, bvdub, zakè, Markus Guentner, Simone Giudice, Warmth and Głós an album that reflects my music with their sound signature in a wonderful way.

Besides the artists mentioned above, I would like to thank Artefacts Mastering and Markus Guentner, who made this project possible aurally and visually, as well as visual artist Jennifer Trees, who created a fantastic video trailer for the album.

I would also like to thank everyone who has supported my label Affin in whatever way over the last 15 years.  Reshape is the final point of the anniversary, for 2023 some exciting collaborations and projects have already been created!

video by Jennifer Trees

Reshape contains musical interpretations by alva noto, ASC, bvdub, Warmth, Markus Guentner, Simone Giudice, zakè and Głós. The works are related to original pieces from Joachim Spieth’s past creative phase and thus form a musical conclusion to the 15th label anniversary of Affin.

Reshape is released as 2 x 12″ vinyl album and digital formats. All tracks were mastered at Artefacts Mastering Studio in Berlin. The graphic design was realized by Markus Guentner.


written and produced by Joachim Spieth

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