Pop Ambient 2023

A little over 20 years ago, we first brought the Pop Ambient compilation series to light. My piece “You Don’t Fool Me“, which was subsequently licensed for The Orb‘s “Back To Mine” (on DMC World), stood alongside gems by Markus Guentner, Ulf Lohmann and Gustavo Lamas in a row with the Cologne Kompakt founders around Wolfgang Voigt (who appeared here with various monikers such as All and Mint), Jörg Burger and Reinhad Voigt.

The spirit of optimism at that time was unique. Who would have thought back then that today I would receive Pop Ambient 2023 from the postman? I contributed the track “Air” to this year’s compilation, which was created in cooperation with zakè, the label owner of the US record label “Past Inside The Present“. Pop Ambient 2023 will be released Friday, 25th November on LP, CD and digital formats by Kompakt Schallplatten. The project was once again curated by Wolfgang Voigt/Gas.

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