Radio Raheem Podcast

A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast for Radio Raheem, which was streamed last Friday evening. Now it is available for listening to those who missed it.

The mix is opened by an Alva Noto remix for me. This one will be released in December. It’s part of a project i will explain soon….

the track list as follows

Joachim Spieth – Sparsha (Alva Noto remodel) (unreleased)

Pjusk – Febertanker

Abul Mogard – Along The River

Joachim Spieth – Terrain A1

Mystic AM – The Dervish

Gas / Wolfgang Voigt – Pop 5

Zermög – The Birds That Never Returned

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Fractal

Model 500 – Starlight (Intrusion Extended Dub)

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