XV | 2

With the project XV | 2 Affin leaves 15 years of its existence behind and looks expectantly and full of optimism into the future.

The Alchemical Theory starts with “Voyager” a deep trip into the pleasures of broken beats, paired with melodic inserts. With “Reforma” Massa once again delivers a driving, engaging track that creates space with spherical, seemingly distant sound waves. Arnaud Le Texier rounds off the second part of the series with the deep, groovy “Cluster”.

All tracks were mastered at the Berlin-based Artefacts Mastering Studio. Markus Guentner, a label artist from the early days, is responsible for the graphic design and also did a logo redesign.


design | markus-guentner.de
photo | joachimspieth.de
mastering | artefactsmastering.com
distribution | www.spacecadets.world

affin 54.2 | 2022

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