Deep Breakfast 140 – Joachim Spieth

For the 140th mix of the Italian-based podcast “Deep Breakfast Series”, I have put together a selection of artists that are significant to me. With this, I say goodbye to 2021.

Tapan – Europa (Abul Mogard remix)
Joachim Spieth – Sparsha
Faru – Moment To Moment
Głós – Serenity
The Sight Below – Without Motion (Leandro Fresco Remix)
Loscil – Still Upon The Ocean Floor
Zaké – Charlotte
ASC & Inhmost – Existential Theory
Joachim Spieth – Spring // Summer
Murcof – Dandelion Heart
Taylor Deupree – Mar
Markus Guentner – Nowhere
Polar Moon – Moon On The Horizon
Thomas Köner – Kaamos

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