Already in the early phase of Affin, ambient music was part of what we wanted to transport to the public. With the album “Crystal Castle” by Markus Guentner, which was already released in its original version in 2011, as well as some compilations with artist friends such as Gustavo Lamas, Ismael Pinkler and some others, some works of timeless beauty were created.

With the current compilation “Viagem”, a musical bridge is built between the once begun and the now. Special attention should also be paid to artists like Toki Fuko, Głós, Hierarchy, Vâyu or The Alchemical Theory, who have joined our roster in recent years.

“Viagem” presents excerpts of ambient and related music from our catalogue of the past 15 years. Music that has sometimes left its mark on the B side, or that has partly appeared in an album context, combine to form a showcase of work

Joachim Spieth

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