2yr Birthday – 9128

9128 celebrates its 2nd anniversary this weekend. The online radio was created by Ryan Griffin (label owner of A Strangely Isolated Place) in 2019 to give artists and label friends a platform to make their music available as a permanent stream. Within these 2 years there were several album premieres and some online showcases of friendly labels. Affin was part of this concept from the beginning alongside labels like ASIP, Past Inside The Present, Astral Industries, Oslated, Faint, Archives, Mysteries Of The Deep, TGP and many more.
The online event starts this Friday and goes until Monday of the following week. The affin slot starts on Sunday evening, depending on the time zone. We invite all interested to follow the whole event.
Many thanks to Ryan for the work!
Besides myself, Markus Guentner, Głós and Hierarchy are playing for Affin… There is also a live chat during the whole event, a good opportunity to exchange with others…Have fun!


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