Focus on Blazej Malinowski


I recently had a chat with Blazej Malinowski. The Berlin-based DJ, live act, producer shortly will launch his own label as well. So i wanted to find out about it…

 J: Your artist info reveals a lot of different activities you’re doing. Can you introduce yourself and tell about your beginning as musician and how it developed in the last 4 years.

 B: Hello and thank you for having me, I started playing records about 15 years ago and after that, making my own music. From the beginning I’m trying tu put as much effort as possible in what I’m doing in music. Producing music and playing is the key to it all but also I’m promoting Inner Tension (soon to be a label) parties and Why So Silent? events that connects Live / Dj performances with experimental Silent movies in the background. Additional for 10 years I have a radio show in Warsaw based Radio Kampus that I co-host with my friend Michal Wolski. So those activities and releasing music are the core of my day by day work. I do not feel that much changed over the last 4 years except playing much more outside Poland and Germany. I feel that it is constant process of work and pursing new artistic goals and dreams. 

 J: Some time ago we met in Berlin and were talking about labels and that you plan to launch your own label in the next months. How’s it going with preparing? Is there already a date set for the first project?

B: It’s the final stage of making it happen. Recently I got the masters but with the current situation with Covid-19 outbreak I’m considering moving the release date. I will decide what to do over the next few days so let’s see what is gonna happen. Beside that I have four releases planned for Inner Tension and I’m just waiting for few things to come around and I will be ready o move forward. So please keep Your fingers crossed.

J: I’m really interested to know about your liveset. How do you prepare for live shows and what’s the main difference compared to your studio work / setup?

B: Most of the time I work both with Hardware and Digital instruments to work on a new patterns and ideas for my live sets – the tracks I like the most I finalise in the studio and shape them into the releases. My setup for Liveacts is very different from what I use in the studio since I perform from Ableton Live, Ableton Push and additional controller at least for now. My studio gear is much more complex but the way I’m playing my Liveacts are working for me at the moment. 

 J: Where’s your inspiration coming from? Is it linked to a place you live, visual aspects or your inner self ?

B: It comes from everyday routine of studio work, performing and meeting people all around. I thinks those three aspects of life gives me most of the energy to work on the music. I also have few projects in mind that I would like to do but they are waiting for the right time.


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