Out now: Joachim Spieth – Tides album


I would have liked to release this album under other circumstances. Unfortunately, things turned out differently than expected. Nevertheless I am happy to present you my new album “Tides”. It was created between spring and autumn 2019 and I hope it contributes to the needless relaxation that seems more necessary than ever these days. Enjoy the music, and hopefully I will have the chance to present it live one day, because a planned live act was the starting point for this album …



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The vinyl version sadly is only a pre-sale yet. Due to the actual situation there’s no option to wait… We also offer a special edition with a printed booklet… all photos by me, booklet artwork by print solutions… I’m thankful for all support I got yet for this project!

Thanks to Artefacts Mastering Studio , A Strangely Isolated Place, Oliver Keil, Allscore, DJ LAB, Clubbingspain.com, 6AM, A Closer Listen, Nowamuzyka.pl, Living Techno, Different Grooves, Orb Mag, Decoded Magazine, The Forgotten, for your support, announcements, features, interviews… !

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