20 years ago

20 years ago… there was a young boy, located in the south of Germany near the black forest. He lived in a small city, went to school and dreamt about making music day and night… started to deliver newspapers to earn money to buy the records he loved. During his holidays he worked in some factories earning more money  to buy a sampler, a mixer and a drum machine.

After 2 years of working and saving money all was prepared to start. He spent most of his free-time in his room manipulating sounds and formed them into little pieces of music. Later on he prepared a cassette and sent it over to the Kompakt record shop owners in Cologne. It took some time to get a reaction on this cassette but it was worth waiting…

He got advised to go on and improve… One year after, he was finally invited to introduce himself to the Kompakt team. So he booked a train ticket and traveled to a place to be. “Brabanter Strasse 42” was the address to meet these guys for the first time.

He was really nervous to behave well. After having a listening session with the guys he was introduced to join the studio of Wolfgang Voigt… Some months after, the postman rang and delivered a white label of “Abi ‘99”, the first record of Joachim Spieth. The little boy cried by holding the first own record in his hands… and felt that life is good and the best was still to come…

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