At Dance Cave, Madrid



I was really happy for the invitation from the a_mal_gam_a  guys to play for their second anniversary at Republik Club. Spending a weekend in Madrid was fun, he city itself is lovely and I enjoyed going around and discovering the environment. Moreover, the event was amazing so I love to come back when it’s on time again!


all photos by Jimmy Masmenos


“DANCE CAVE celebrates two years and to celebrate, on Saturday March 9, we have invited Joachim Spieth, the director of AFFIN Records. The German comes to make a closing session in which he will demonstrate why his label is synonymous with depth, nonconformity and passion. In his ten years of life, Affin has achieved the most juicy catalog of the techno scene and is a cutting-edge sound reference in which artists such as Reggy Van Oers, Keith Carnal, Arnaud Le Texier, Svarog or Spieth himself have laid the foundations of the current dance music full of distant textures and elaborate basses. Come down and dance.”


 Event details

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