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“We are honored and proud to welcome Affin boss Joachim Spieth for his Global Vibe Radio debut.

It’s hard to summarize Joachim’s accomplishments in a few words. Calling him a talented producer is barely scratching the surface,  considering his large discography that began with early releases on Kompakt and continues on, over a decade later, with top-quality tracks featured on his very own Affin imprint.

His career has brought him to perform in a myriad of countries, including Australia, Denmark, France, Georgia, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, the UK and more — a testament to the respect his DJ sets have gained over the course of his long career.



But beyond his stellar work as an artist, it is his output as the head of his label that is even more recognized by peers and music aficionados alike. Joachim created his label Affin to be as independent as possible and focus on his own vision, surrounded by artists with a similar vision such as Keith Carnal, Svarog, Reggy Van Oers, Deepbass, Ness and Toki Fuko.

In honor of Joachim’s contribution to Global Vibe Radio we took the chance to talk with him in depth about his work as an artist, as the head of Affin and much more.”

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