Affin showcase at Suicide Circus Berlin

So this is happening! 31th March I’m playing alongside Reggy Van Oers and Svarog at Suicide Circus Berlin.  Looking forward to celebrate the labels 10th birthday in Berlin and we hope to see some of you there!

Event Info

“17 years are between the first big exclamation point of Joachim Spieth his debut album Vanishing Point and the Irradiance LP from last year. Spieth links forgotten narrative strands to a satisfying conclusion for the time being only to serve the next cliffhanger.
Irridance is also special because the 8 tracks were the first ever on Spieth’s label Affin Ltd. and then, after 6 years of strong EPs, pull something like a first interim conclusion.
Spieth presents itself on pieces such as luciferin and absorption in its best form. The layered sound waves pile over in great clamor. With a little practice the ride becomes an unending tube ride. The fundamental weakness for extravagant soundscapes is similarly shown by Svarog and Reggy van Oers, who also feasted on Spieth’s labels last year.
First with two spherical tracks on the Split EP with Nørbak while Reggy van Oers is a long member with the most releases then others on the label. Techno so hard and yet as soft as bedding in cotton.”

Suicide Circus

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