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“What a pleasure to welcome on the Paradox series such a great name of the techno scene. With a career that he has successfully been running for about two decades, and his own Affin imprint that is celebrating its 10th anniversary, Joachim Spieth has made a name for himself and his work is widely recognized by both the artists and the crowd.
In the occasion of his recently released album Irradiance, he came out here with a brilliant selection of expansive and engrossing soundscapes wrapping unpredictable rhythms. Enjoy and share it if you like it…”



Tracklist :

1. Off World Colonies – Roslösum
2. Voices From The Lake – Velo di Maya
3. Massa – Terra
4. Ligovskoï – Lethe (Polar Inertia Remix)
5. Structural – Abnormalities (Christian Wünsch rmx)
6. Svarog – Legolas
7. Neel – Lahar
8. Norbak – Gilgamesh
9. Evigt Mörker – Död Orm
10. Donato Dozzy – Techtresor
11. Reggy Van Oers – Reciprocity
12. Hoedus – Red Dwarf Star
13. BLNDR – Function 303 (Warehouse Mix)
14. Joachim Spieth – Annihilatio


“Alongside his qualitative contribution to the series, we sat down with Joachim Spieth to discuss some turning points in his long career, and to know more about the release concepts around the 10 years celebration of his Affin imprint … Enjoy the read”

Alae RAMDANI | 18th December 2017


Read interview here

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