Irradiance album

Irradiance is Joachim Spieth’s first full length album, to be released on his own imprint Affin. It reflects a cycle of realignment in a carefully realized emotional journey. A constant motion through the layers of the tracks shape the sonic landscape, while evolving atmospheres provide a cohesive feel with shimmers of optimism. The release will be available as a double 12” and digital, mastered by Artefacts Mastering. The album release coincides with Affin’s 10th anniversary.


7th November 2017 (clear vinyl)

7th Mai 2019 (white vinyl repress)

Format: 2 x Vinyl/Digital
Cat: Affin LP 01 LTD

Mastered by Gio @ Artefacts Mastering Berlin
Artwork by Bjoern Stolpmann & Oliver Keil
Photo by Joachim Spieth

video by Jennifer Trees camera by Jan Höhe track ID: Luciferin

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