Asia tour review

I’m back home from my first tour in Asia and like to share some thoughts and photos about it. It was a quite intense week of traveling, i got in touch with interesting people, nice food and some insights about China and South Korea.

My first stop was Lantern Club in Beijing, a lovely venue! Sadly couldn’t visit some places or monuments as the departure to Shanghai was planned just a few hours after my gig. Shanghai made me change my idea of a metropole. Played at Arkham and also there i had to leave quite early to Seoul, where i spent two days. vurt was a great club, with an amazing sound system. It felt crazy to discover some details of tracks that i never could perceive anywhere else before when playing them out. After an extended and intense night i was lucky to stay in Seoul for the day after. to enjoy nice food and having interesting talks with the guys from Scopavik was amazing. The next morning was already time to leave to the airport, back to Europe.

Feeling privileged that i had the opportunity to get in touch with so many nice people and the warm welcome in every city! Thanks to the crews of Lantern Beijing, Arkham Shanghai and vurt. Seoul! It was a pleasure to meet you all and i hope to be back soon! For the next trip i just wish to have more time to take some photos.

Here’s the set i played at vurt./Seoul 28th October 2017. Some bugs inside, but ok, it’s a live recording… Once more i have to say thank you for having me, hope to see you soon!

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