PRIOR ACT #020 — Joachim Spieth

“It’s with a great pleasure that we’re welcoming the producer, DJ and Affin’s label head Joachim Spieth. Coinciding with the 10th birthday of Affin, Joachim Spieth will be releasing his 1st Full length album next 2th of November: “Irradiance”. Involved in the scene since more than 15 years and next to his own productions, he keeps gifting listeners with constant quality sets, showcasing both established producers as well as emerging talents.

J. Spieth is all in sobriety; reserved but friendly and most importantly an open-minded charachter, “you won’t find him searching for the spotlight but is evolving on the scene by pure passion, communicating it passion to the others. Independent, focusing on his vision and surrounded by artists sharing it with him. What he doesn’t put into words is translated into sounds. His productions, sets and label releases choices are in its image: Deep and solemn at times – or enraged in other times – but always representing Techno in its purest expression. They’re made to occupy our dying cathedrals of concrete, to crush the reality of our everyday life under an assumed individuality. The elaborated basses and the echoing melodies grab our minds to throw them in a far away world, leaving the silence of a doomed society behind.”



As one of the Labels that has strongly shaped the techno scene with countless top notch releases (RVO, Deepbass, Ness, Le Texier, Cliche Morph, Ricochet, Nørbak, Svarog..) as well as it influenced my own taste/vision in the last years, i selfishly & egotistically consider anyone saying he/she listens/appreciates Techno(/Deep techno) that wouldn’t have been digging into Joachim Spieth’s & Affin’s Catalog isn’t to be taken much seriously.. But that’s just me i guess. We wish you a great listening! My deepest thanks to Joachim Spieth for the great hour. Don’t forget to Check the links! Happy Anniversary to Affin!

By: Joachim Spieth – Rel.: 2nd November 2017 [double 12” Vinyl/Digital]”


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