Curated by DSH #031: Joachim Spieth

I had the chance to prepare a mix for Deep Space Helsinki lately that was aired tonight. Here’s the set & tracklist


Toki Fuko – Strontium
Alex Tomb & Marianne In the Woods – Probability #1
Modern Heads – Athena
Reggy Van Oers – Ingrained
OWL – Multiverse
Joachim Spieth – Layer1
Luigi Tozzi – Mefite
Aleja Sanchez – La Force (Deepbass Remix)
Polar Inertia – Vertical Ice
Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito – Projection 7
Korridor – Vacuum Decay
Marla Singer – Regenerate (Jose Pouj Remix)
A. Morgan – Saturn
Donato Dozzy & Mike Parker – Opalesce
Von Grall – No Contact
Iori – Birds
Reggy Van Oers – Corroded By Time
Concept Of Thrill – Kings & Queens
Polar Inertia – Sonic Outlaws
Acronym – Getting Closer

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