Recent Dates

Even it’s a bit late i wanted to share some of my impressions from my recent gigs in Paris (Tunnel) and the Affin showcases in Bielefeld (Skala) and Bochum (Static)

Tunnel Paris was amazing! I was supposed to close the event after The Hacker, the crowd was amazing and i had a lot of fun there!

Back in #Paris

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After a short night i took a plane to Hannover where i was picked up by the “Techno Keeps Us Young” team. After arriving in Bielefeld we went out for a walk. With Arnaud Le Texier we went to have dinner somewhere in Bielefeld. When we arrived at the venue we were really surprised that it was an old cinema… The night was awesome! Thanks to the Bielefeld crowd who made this showcase a nice one!



Finally Static (Bochum)…

next Affin showcase, this time together with Keith Carnal. It was  a good night to celebrate Keith’s 30th birthday while people were screaming on the floor… Static was just awesome! You can see some photos from the event here