Interview on Witness This


“15 years is a long time to be involved in any fast-moving industry and after such a long time anyone that lasts that long can almost always be relied upon as a guru or master of their field. Joachim Spieth is one such master in the world of German and international electronic music.

His first track to be released ‘Abi 99’ came out on Kompakt Records in the Spring of 1999 and he has steadily been releasing tracks on a huge range of labels ever since. He also started his own label ‘Affin’ in October 2007, which he has spearheaded towards a level of notoriety and a staple in the global techno scene.

In over 15 years of producing and releasing Techno, Joachim Spieth has had to move and adapt to the constantly changing environment in the contemporary electronic music world. He has rode the bull that is the ever-changing evolvement of record distribution with both his own records and those of artists he represents through Affin. He has also seen the rise of the Internet and social media and is able to reflect on this in ways that are both positive and negative for present day and up-and-coming music producers…”

Alex Kralikas

all photos by Sakia Uppenkamp

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