Joachim Spieth Interview on Decoded

Decoded Mag : Joachim Spieth Interview Here’s an interview and a podcast i prepared for Decoded Magazine (UK) published today… (free download)

“There’s something special about an artist who doesn’t soak up the limelight and continues to produce music that doesn’t digress away from his roots. Germany’s Joachim Spieth is one such artist. After beginning his career in 1999 with his first release on Cologne’s Kompakt label, he continued to belt out release after release on house and techno’s most prolific labels. Ranging from Kompakt to Traum Schallplatten, to Tranclucent he had a steady stream of success with all of his releases. Finally, in 2008 he launched his very own label Affin, which has been described as an ‘open playground’ for Techno House & Minimal. With his “Never Mind” remixes, there’s versatility, technical prowess and at the same time, he uses his experiences and his deep rooted knowledge to showcase the quality of his productions, which are top class. We sat down with the German artist to talk about his foray into the dance music industry, how his sound has evolved over the years, and his future projects… (read interview here)”