Interview on Subsekt


Affin is celebrating a birthday. I’ve been listening to Joachim for a decade by this stage, so it was cool to fire some Q’s his way.. Joachim first came to people’s attention on the legendary Cologne label – Kompakt, and over the years has branched out to running his own label – Affin. The beauty of this label for me is its bravery and diversity.. which closely mirrors Speith’s own approach to production & DJ’ing.
I’ve been a genuine fan of his music for a long time, so it was nice to get the opportunity to ask some direct questions about the stuff that I’ve always wanted to know. We talked about some of his early releases and the challenges of becoming a producer so young and why he decided to set up a label of his own. Later, he discussed his attitudes towards modern marketing, finding the balance between work and finding the time to create music. Finally, he shared his plans to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Affin and his hopes for the future… (read more)


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