Affin Fractals mixed & compiled by Joachim Spieth


Affin prepares its first mix compilation with several, brand new, unreleased tracks from the label residents Little Fritter, Roberto, The Dolphins and Chris Page. Along side some new signed acts like Mattias Fridell, Jeroen Search and Ad.lib & Silvision. Label founder Joachim Spieth delivers this superb DJ-mix, featuring all the compiled tracks. Little Fritter opens the session with “It’s So Real”. A typical hi-class Fritter party tune, followed by Dirty Culture’s “In My Hands”. There are more percussive elements, before fading into Stefano Esposito’s “Broken Brick”. What a sub bass! The Dolphins “B” also sets up an amazing Tech House tune with dubby chords. read more

Review on Juno Download

Affin has established itself as one of Europe’s the best house and techno labels, and listening to Fractals 2, it’s not hard to hear why. From the tracky, drum-heavy contributions from Little Fritter and Dirty Culture to the tougher, rolling “Broken Brick” by Stefano Esposito, this compilation covers the grey area between house and techno with style, However, the real highlights here are the techno-oriented cuts. From the skipping dub techno of Mattias Fridell’s “With Particular Reference” or Brendon Moeller’s glitchy take on Deepchild as the Echologist and the building chords and soaring, ominous bass of Roberto’s “Flight Path” and Jeroen Search’s raw, bleeping “Interference Pattern”, this is techno of the highest quality.

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