Affin 100


It’s almost unbelievable, but Affin is 100 releases old! 4 years ago DJ & Producer Joachim Spieth launched the label as an imprint for esteemed producer friends and also for talented newcomers to reflect the broad scope of current techno and house music for exciting takes on the sound of clubland.
“Affin 100” really marks a watershed for the label and this jubilee is celebrated with a special compilation, featuring 21 brand new, exclusive tracks by label’s residents and recent signings like:

Deepchild, Little Fritter, The Dolphins, Joachim Spieth, Truncate, James Hunter, YokoO, Someone Else, Markus Guentner, Reggy Van Oers, Bjoern Stolpmann, Roberto
Jamal Moulay, …and many more.

It’s great to face the different characters and styles these guys giving to their tracks. It’s merging, it’s connecting and it’s authentic. The common thread of all the music is their originality, even the acts all developing their different musical drafts, there’s a conscience of innovation. Over the last years these specific pool of artists generated more and more publicity, fans & friends round the globe as well as playlist entries from DJs like Laurent Garnier, Seth Troxler, Stephan Bodzin, Jimpster, D’Julz, Electric Indigo, Miss Jools… Affin 100 points to exciting, innovative and modern electronic music. It’s an honor to have so many producers giving their best. And it’s just the beginning!

Affin 100 is supported by

Slam, Stephan Bodzin, Miss Jools, Jonas Kopp, Pig & Dan , Agaric, Electric Indigo, Vidal, Martin Eyerer, Anraud Le Texier, Carlio Lio, Patrick Lindsey, Dj Sebbo , Benna Schneider, Echologist, Claude VonStroke, Nicolas Masseyeff, Alex Kid, Tony Rohr, DJ Hyperactive, Sasha Carassi, Raresh, Dualton, Jorge Savoretti, Alex Bau, Sebastian Roya, Frank Martiniq, Sasha, Matt Walsh, Sutekh, Misstress Barbara, Alex Tolstey , Docepulgadas, Dimi Angelis…and many more….


Slam (Soma Records) one of my favourite labels – thanx guys

Stephan Bodzin (Systematic) monster collection!

Arnaud Le Texier (Safari Electronique) What a package! 100…. oallalalal!!!Congratulation 🙂

Jonas Kopp (Curle) Truncate!!!

Echologist (Steadfast) (Echologist) congrats affin! some great stuff here.

Electric Indigo congratulations, joachim!!! love your track “sensual”, amazing tune by truncate – a lot of sweet things here 🙂

Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut Recordings) Great Compilation !!

Miss Jools le push and little helpers remix will check out thanks

Elie Eidelman (Sweatlodge) allot of good trax here. hard to choose. James Hunteris catching my ears. cheers

Misstress Barbara Like the Little Helpers mix.

DVS1 (Klockworks, Transmat, HUSH) sensual1thanks for the memories. thank yoU!

Juan Pablo Pfirter (Stroboscopic Artefacts) Truncate for me, thanks!

Martin Eyerer (Kling Klong/Session Deluxe) top notch package! Will present in my radioshow.

Agaric (We Are) The Sensual track stands out at a first listen. Me like 🙂

Pig & Dan (Cocoon) wow huge package, solid all the way, can’t go wrong

Vidal (Truncate & Raiz/Raiz/Acid Circus/Droid Recordings) so much to choose from. really like joachim spieth mix and truncate.

DJ Hyperactive Some solid tracks on here… Joachim Spieth and Truncate for starters…. Don the Dolphins dope too.

Dimi Angelis (Smallville, Figuretruncate!

Sasha Carassi (Drumcode) Great package!Thanks!

TopDJ,, KissFM, DJam Affin is celebrating & we have next music orgasm. My fav is Joachim Spieth’s Sensual.

Martin Böttcher (Tagesspiegel/ Radio) Good

Gareth Widely (EarToGround) All over this! Thank you. Full support from EarToGround

Daniel Mumbling Sanchez (Remote Area,Casbah rec!) great 100th release affin ! love the truncate track

Vince Watson (Bio Music) Down the Dolphins is awesome..Sensual has the groove, Kairosis the deep cut for me…i could go on….but ill just DL it and play it…great package!!

Frank Martiniq great compilation!

Jens Holmes (Nightcode/ A fine and quality collection of their artists

Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle / Hideout) great stuff here! gratz to #100 keep it up..

Klangkanal love the affin-sound. will be reviewed in my show.

Steve Ward (Kiss FM) love the whole package, yokoo’s tune is da BOMB of the set!!

Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) great compilation! curvaturele pushkairoslueur de aube and sensual

Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) Thanks!

Dualton (Defected/8bit/Systematic) cool stuff. dirty culture for me

Bleed (De:Bug) review to follow

Jorge Savoretti (Esperanza) some nice gems here! dirty culturelamassomeone else and sensual at first listen

 Alex Bau (Credo) wow, big package, have to check this out…

Alex Kid Cool stuff in the Pack! Happy 100!

Benoît Carretier (Tsugi) nice one

MCD magazine / WTM radio show (MCD Magazine) soon another wtm’s playlist…

Dj Carlio Lio little fritter rmx is dope will play

Edu Del Doce (Deejay Magazine) Nice and complete package Thanks

Sutekh truncate and chemie tracks caught my ear

Someone Else (Foundsound) already been playing the dirty culture one

Claude VonStroke (Mothership/Dirty Bird) DL for VonStroke

Laurent N. (Atavisme) Excellent Package !!! Congrats Affin Records. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Manchester Global Radio This package rox 😉 Look forward to giving them all a spin – great job 😉 Gemma Furbank

Mark Allain (Ministry Of Sound Radio) This wicked so many great tracks to play on here

Gradient Magazine Excellent

Tony Rohr (Clink, Weave) WOW… that’s a lot of tracks. Will download for a special listening session and pick a winner(s) here.

Sam Gracie (Resonant Vibes) some classy stuff in this pack. thanks.

Paul Daily (DJ Times) Great compilation. Playing at least 5 cuts here. Thanks and congrats on a great run.

Habersham Simply Fuckin awesome.

Dj Sebbo (Desolat) dope package me like*****

Benna Schneider (Harry Klein) cool label compilation, feeding my ipod to check exactly

Patrick Bateman (Tic Tac Toe / Connect Four) (Patrick Bateman) congratulations, many tracks on this one… will need further listening..

Antoine Caesar (Indeks Music) Thanks Affin. A lot of good tunes.

Noice Podcast Series wow… congrats on the 100 releases… nice work loads of Nice techno Gems to be had here.

Paul Brtschitsch as i´m a big fan of robertos´ soundscapes “thanks for the memories” is my fav in here..

Hrdvsion (Wagon Repair) wow what a variety! thanks for this one!

Derek Taylor Really like the YokoO mix of Lueur De Aube and the Chemie & Ian Kran mix of Nucleated Thought. Ideal for my proggier sets.

Matt Walsh (Clouded Vision) some great tracks here

Friends Electric Records Some great tracks on this release. I will download and work my way through them! Many thanks J Alexander

Chris Stanford (EarToGround) Congrats to Affin on 100 releases! 3 tracks stand out for me… Nudeated ThoughtDown The Dolphins and Thanks For The Memories. Overall a good celebratory release! ;0)
XT3 Techno Radio (Kaj Tyszka) Ease the PainIn my Hands, are my fav… good release!

Irradiation (Temp Records) (TEMP~Records) joachim spieth is wonderful, truncate track is absolutely amazing!

Patrick Siech (Drumcode)Superb compilation of tracks! Intelligent, groovy, dirty and spaced out! Love it, will end up in my november chart for sure! Thanks!

Teknobrat / Ottawa Radio Show Really Solid Compilation, great selection of Deep n Tech House + Techno traxx… Great way to celebrate Affin’s 100th Release. I rate this compilation a 9 on 10 Kind Regards Thomas “Teknobrat” Stepien CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa, CANADA

Swoon/ pastlessonfuturetheories blog Like Ease The PainLueurTruncateGot MoreCentipedeCurvature,

Cédrik (Science Label) Congrats for the 100 release, download to check with time a lot of music inside ! 😉

Krede PedersenBrilliant package ! Very good compilation. Many Tracks are good. I pefer “Ease The Pain” and “Truncate“…good job joachim!!!

Edu Del Doce (Deejay Magazine) Nice and complete package Thanks

Angel Molina ( Sonar / Tresor ) Joachim Spieth / Truncate are my musical heroes here, thanks!

Raul (Clubbing Spain) Great release!! Soon in

Four to the Floor (Radio 98eins) great compilation! curvaturele pushkairoslueur de aube and sensual

Axel Bartsch (Sportclub Music) wow! wow for the 100 and another one for the release, quality all over. 1,4,9 are my favs so far.

Samuel L. Session some really good stuff here, but no wavs? they should all have that„,

Radio Z – tiefton + headz (Radio Z) well done, some great tracks

Metope (Areal, IRR) Well, that sounds good to me so far. Will definitley play some of the tracks.

Sid Le Rock aka Pan/Tone (Kompakt, Shitkatapult)great package. Congrats on making it to the twilight years

Raphael Dincsoy (Partysan Raum Neckar) Review in Nov Issue / Kiss FM Ukraine Down The Dolphins is fantastic! As well as most tunes on this release. Will support in my gigs and present in radio show. Thanks!

Machines Are Funky Blog (Ibiza Voice/Resident Advisor) Please contact me should you need any precise feedback

Dean Facer (Our House Magazine) Amazingly strong release !!! Feel the quality, feel the vibe

Roko ( quite a big package!! feelin the Deepchild bit especially. Good stuff.

Grant Paterson ( Edinburgh Evening News ‘The Guide’) Great collection of fine techno, so many crackers on here, diggin’ this release.

Kirk Degiorgio so many great tracks! 4 & 5 are my faces but all are great.

Niv Hadas (Bedrock) Congrats. Little Helper’s remix for me

Luigi Madonna (Drumcode) great music!!.. support..

first press reactions on the compilation

Pulse Radio (Australia) Plasmodium (USA) Raveline (Germany) Different Grooves (UK) (France) DJ Mag (Spain) Nerdy Frames Screen.FM (Germany) The Gap (Austria)

the gap a 100

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