Affin Selected 7


Affin founder Joachim Spieth has mixed the next edition of his label’s compilation series, Selected 7. Through both his productions and his label, Spieth has long championed a modern, left-field take on house and techno. In his early days he was a staple of Cologne’s Kompakt label, and opened his own imprint in 2007. Since then Affin has churned out digital EPs at a considerably brisk pace, with a total of 14 releases in its first year alone. In the meantime, Spieth has put together a new Selected compilation every six months or so–the last one just came out in December. Much like its predecessors, Selected 7 shows Spieth surveying his label’s most recent output, mixing up recent tunes by Deepchild, Jamal Moulay and Mark Broom among others. The collection is out digitally next month.

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