Pulse Radio Interview with Joachim Spieth


“In the short time Affin has been releasing music (since 2008) the label has managed to gain a solid following of enthusiasts, Djs and producers, even if it has remained slightly underrated or ‘underground’. Label boss Joachim Spieth had many years of experience within the industry before starting Affin, a factor contributing to the firm foundation laid out for the label and it’s roster of artists. The label recently released its first full-length artist album, Little Fritter’s Friz and Froth, and 2011 will see Affin reach its 100th release. Casey van Reyk chats with Joachim Spieth, discovering the ethos behind Affin, the benefits of a solid relationship between artist and label and the progression of Affin’s sound over the last year.”

Read Interview on Pulse Radio

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