The Kompakt years

How it happened…

…the other day i found a magazine called “House Attack” in a record shop in Stuttgart. Inside there was an advert for “Delirium Cologne” (shop name before it was named Kompakt). As i liked most of the records i started to order 12″s from Delirium. Later on i found out that the people running Delirium were the same persons behind these beautiful records.

In the same time i started recording my first musical ideas on tapes so i decided to send a demo cassette to Delirium, in hope they would release it or at least give me some feedback. And i was lucky, they listened my tape and called me. 1 year later i got another call from the shop, they liked me last demo and would like to release it on NTA (former label of Kompakt). I couldn’t believe it! So i booked a train ticket and went to Cologne, because Wolfgang Voigt wanted to know who this young guy was (felt funny, almost like a job interview). Finally i arrived at Brabanter Strasse 42, their headquarter. I was introduced to all and finally Wolfgang entered the store and picked me up into his studio. I was quite nervous and at the same time i had the chance to see where the music i loved was produced. We listened the tracks, talked a bit and agreed to release it in the following year (1999)… so that’s basically the story of me getting a member of the Kompakt family in 1998. In 1999 their distribution was found from that point all was published under the new name “Kompakt”.
From 1999 to 2004 i released my first 12″s on the label, got some tracks on compilations, licensed to compilations, etc… I’m glad that i made my first steps in music guided by Wolfgang & Michael, got inspired by musical ideas and witnessed the growing of a worldwide known imprint…

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