The Orb licenses You Don’t Fool Me

Kompakt, buy it, steal it, caress it, love it…..Mozart for the 21st century.”

Alex Paterson

The Orb virtually invented the electronic genre known as ambient house, resurrecting slower, more soulful rhythms and providing a soundtrack for early morning ravers once the club closed their doors. A band that hit number one in the UK with their highly influential album U.F.Orb, they joined Back to Mine in 2003 to share with us all another example of their brilliance. This mix ranges in style from the sublime to the bizarre, emphasising something The Orb have always had – a healthy sense of humour. Although there are also elements of raw emotion with a personal dedication to his late brother Martin, as Paterson supplies vintage tracks from Aphex Twin, Thomas Fehlmann and an odd electro cover of ‘Barbie Girl’ from Electric Chairs. A real journey of feeling and emotion – sometimes sending you on the verge of tears and other times putting you on the verge of laughter. This one is full of delightful surprises.

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