Joachim Spieth Interview & Podcast on Decoded Magazine (UK)

Decoded Mag : Joachim Spieth Interview Here’s an interview and a podcast i prepared for Decoded Magazine (UK) published today… (free download)

“There’s something special about an artist who doesn’t soak up the limelight and continues to produce music that doesn’t digress away from his roots. Germany’s Joachim Spieth is one such artist. After beginning his career in 1999 with his first release on Cologne’s Kompakt label, he continued to belt out release after release on house and techno’s most prolific labels. Ranging from Kompakt to Traum Schallplatten, to Tranclucent he had a steady stream of success with all of his releases. Finally, in 2008 he launched his very own label Affin, which has been described as an ‘open playground’ for Techno House & Minimal. With his “Never Mind” remixes, there’s versatility, technical prowess and at the same time, he uses his experiences and his deep rooted knowledge to showcase the quality of his productions, which are top class. We sat down with the German artist to talk about his foray into the dance music industry, how his sound has evolved over the years, and his future projects… (read interview here)”

Rolando charts Joachim Spieth – Never Mind (Paul Mac Remix) on Juno Download

Rolando Just seen that Rolando (Underground Resistance, R3, Ostgut Ton) charted the Paul Mac remix from my recent EP “Never Mind Remixes” on Juno Download. I still remember how “Knights Of The Jaguar” touched me when it appeared in 1999… Thanks!

Joachim Spieth – Never Mind (Andrea Belluzzi rmx) on Cracking EP

2-1417-A-sideltd-20-300-dpi Kopie “Cracking” marks our 20th vinyl release! For that reason a mini compilation seemed to be a good choice. With MTD, Niereich & Andrea Belluzzi (who remixes Joachim Spieth‘s “Never Mind”) and Keith Carnal we’re sure to deliver a strong 12″ that will find its way into a lot of DJ cases! Preorder vinyl on (Release: sadly delayed…)

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Joachim Spieth Fnoob Techno Radio Podcast #2


For those who missed… here’s my recent podcast for Fnoob Techno Radio (from 23th August). My next show will be on 18th October 2014 (18:00 UK time).

Joachim Spieth Fnoob Podcast #2 by Joachim Spieth on Mixcloud

Joachim Spieth article on Delighted Blog

logo I recently had a nice conversation with the guys from Delighted from Paris. Thanks guys!1402_Bang_46-2 Pic by Morganistik 

Il y a quelques semaines, Delighted  s’est entretenu avec le fondateur du label allemand Affin à l’occasion de la sortie d’Aidan, son dernier EP. On adore ses productions et celles de son label alors on s’est dit qu’on allait vous présenter tout ça, mais pas tout seul…(read more, English version below…)

Dave Clark playing Joachim Spieth “Never Mind (Paul Mac Remix)” on White Noise

Dave Clark Seems Dave Clark really likes my upcoming “Never Mind remixes” EP. Just spotted he picked Paul Mac‘s remix on his White Noise Radioshow (19th July). Listen and download here The Ep is available from 4th August on Bandcamp and other download shops…

Joachim Spieth – Never Mind Remixes


One year after its release we’re offering a proper remix package on Joachim Spieth’s “Never Mind” with The Plant Worker, Tex-Rec, Urbano, Andrea Belluzzi & Paul Mac. Enjoy!  Available from 4th August 2014 on Bandcamp and all other download stores.

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Joachim Spieth Fnoob Techno Radio Podcast #1

2014-06-29 04.14.31-2 Kopie
Here’s the set from my first episode on Fnoob Techno Radio. Next show will be on 23th August 2014 (18:00 UK time).

Joachim Spieth Fnoob Podcast #1 by Joachim Spieth on Mixcloud